Matron of Honor:  Katie Homann 

Katie has been my life's most amazing surprise gift! She stormed into my heart this year with the sweetest spirit and the most incredibly generous and loving nature.

I knew the first day I met Katie that God had some pretty huge plans for our friendship, and He was not kidding! We gel so well with a similar spunk and humor, an instinctive competitive edge we love to play up, and a treasured friendship, home and family.

We started talking about painting rooms together almost instantly and I knew right away the fun and adventure we were destined for. I hadn't quite even realized the heart I had stumbled upon in Katie. Miss Matron of Honor loves to no end, and I'm amazed with her more every day. She stretches my heart to believe that there's always a way and always more love to be found.

Her encouragement to me has been life-changing, and the way she values every single person in her life makes me feel like I'm somehow a missing piece to her life!   Katie and I love playing games with Shawn and James (especially Pictionary!!!).  But ya gotta watch her - she can be pretty dangerous with that pencil when she gets worked up! :)

We love doubling up on the tube, while boating and finding a way where there was none.  But I'd do it all again just for the laughs!

Katie, you're a sister for life! Your help in our wedding will go down singlehandedly as the greatest devotion of friendship I have ever experienced. I've told you this before, but a woman, wife and mother of your character and heart, standing at my right side when I marry on December 4th will be the most precious moment in my life that you have made possible.

This wedding would never have happened without you babe! I love my rockstar! :)

Our Ringbearer

Anna, Katie, and Shawn