Bridesmaid:  June Corstorphine

June has the gentlest and most beautiful spirit I could ever describe. When I'm around her, I see a life and world that I just don't see anywhere else. Her creativity is astounding and to be around her is to feel love.

Getting invited to dinners at June's is something no restaurant could touch - always to the nine in presentation and homemade wonders! She's someone I can talk with about anything, and she's never once judged or made me feel unaccepted. Her heart is so pure.

Best thing about our relationship is that we're neighbours, just a knock away, and it brings such gifts: endless chats, times of prayer and unforgettable spontaneous road trips!

June's a true friend for life, someone I can see myself always laughing and loving life with. She has the best heart!

Mother to an incredible little girl (Ariel), my life became instantly richer the moment these two came in and showed me what it is to truly love.

June, I'm so honored that you will be right there with me when I marry James. When you're around, you bring out the best in me and I cannot imagine life without you. You're the best encouragement in my corner, and have always spoken words to me that have made me shine and be set free.

Thank you for being the most amazing friend and sis. You're dreams are all a breath away ~ anyone that loves like you will always stay close to God! Thank you for all the times you brought me a meal 'just 'cause'. They were incredible treasures!

I love you Lady June, and may this wedding be only the beginning of our amazing life together ahead. We're moving on together! And the Spirit will hold us closer now than when we lived next door! :)